With so many amazing things to offer, travelling to Berlin can be overwhelming with history, culture, food, art, music, and everything in between. We narrowed down the top 7 local experiences that you should definitely add to your itinerary. 

Berliner Unterwelten

local – history  

This unique experience offers 4 different tour options of Berlin taking you through bunkers, subway stations, tunnels, and raid shelters of World War II. These tours are full of different exhibits WWII related - so if you are looking for a realistic look into Berlin in the 1940s, this is your place! 

berliner unterwelten.jpg

Haus Schwarzenberg Street Art Alley 

artsy – culture  

Calling all people who Google “most instagrammable locations in ____”. (Don’t worry- we’ve all been there) This Street Art Alley is full of art by famous street artists from El Bocho to Jimmy C, and is constantly changing. 

haus schwarzenberg.jpg

Stasi Museum 

local – history  

The Stasi was a secret police force in 20th Century Germany, and today museum is dedicated to all things regarding the GDR Police Force that left everyone wondering how they did it all. Exhibits on the technique of “Zersetzung” (corrosion) and Orwellian brainwashing of school children, is not for the faint hearted but worth the visit! 


Monster Kabinett 

eccentric – culture  

If the name “monster cabinet” doesn’t intrigue you just a little bit, you may be crazy. An art collective named the Dead Pigeon Collective created Monster Kabinett as a part-gallery, part-haunted house. This spot is a must-see for those who love things that go bump in the night. Or, rather, can at least tolerate them. 

monster kabinett.jpg

Museum of Unheard of Things 

hipster – culture  

A smorgasbord of everyday things arranged by weight, this museum leaves the viewer wondering, “Why??” In this museum, the objects themselves aren’t what is being displayed, but rather the stories behind them. A visit here will really get you looking at objects in a new perspective.

museum of unheard of things.jpg


Eccentric – Culture  

What’s more fun (and spooky) than an abandoned amusement park? A dinosaur themed amusement park. Once used for criminal activity, today the remains leave a creepy, unique attraction that was used in the filming of the movie “Hanna”. 


Führerbunker Parking Lot 

local – history  

This ordinary-looking parking lot has much more history than you’d ever guess from its appearance. Originally a bunker for permanent protection for Hitler and other Nazi leaders, this historic location is where Hitler took his own life. After attempts to destroy it, to no success, it was unused and neglected until 2006 when it was officially recognized as Hitler’s place of death. 



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