A Colombian nomad based in Mexico City, Andrea Wild Botero is an art historian by education, art gallerist by profession, a writer and a traveler at all times.  She founded The Bird in Space in 2012, a blog about the contemporary art market and destinations for art-minded travelers! Let’s unveil Mexico City with her!


breakfast - cool - cozy

Tapas style with quality ingredients and simple preparations. The ample bar and the open kitchen help diners feel comfortable here. Best breakfast spot: they make their own bread!

breakfast - casual - cozy

The vibe is casual and friendly and the kitchen serves a continental menu - breakfasts of granola and yogurt, eggs, and French toast, pizza and sandwiches for lunch - with a colorful, cartoonish David Derop mural.

tiny - cozy - lunch

An Italian restaurant and sister bakery serving handmade daily pastas at the restaurant. At the bakery, it’s all about guava pastry, the cardamom bun, and the chocolate-vanilla concha (sweet roll with a cookie crust).
BARRA DE FRAN          
vibrant - Spanish - cocktails

A small, Spanish, cozy restaurant a bit pricey but it has incredible food and best gin and tonics. Go there for lunch or dinner.
EL PARNITA             
cool - local - vibrant

Coolest place for tacos - it’s the local watering hole! You feel like you’re having lunch in someone’s living room. Don’t forget to order the viajero tacos.
cool - Asian fusion - indoor patio

Asian fusion with a cool patio in the back! Try the delicious coconut curry! 
seafood - casual - outdoor seating

Serving sea food from Ensenada, it has an amazing vibe especially on a Friday afternoon. 
hidden gem - cool - artsy 

Next to one of Barragan’s houses, it’s a cultural centre/library/restaurant/café that houses art and architecture book archive for everyone to use.  There’s a cool market in the house on Saturdays. 
cool - dinner - bistro

The food is not the best but the place is awesome. It looks like a small empty café from the outside but when you walk through the kitchen it’s actually a huge, amazing house with an indoor patio and buzzing with life. Go there for dinner!
cozy - Israeli - intimate  

An intimate café, equally suited for a quick bite or leisurely dinner serving incredible Israeli food. Order the hummus - of any variety - and, for dessert, knafeh (a sweet cheese-stuffed pastry) with pistachio ice cream.
historical - traditional - cultural

Once the palatial home of colonial-era nobility, this restaurant has ancient, carved wooden doors and an open-air courtyard filled with trees with lights hanging from them. It serves Mexican food: order the buñuelos de pato con mole. 
HANKY PANKY             
speak easy - hidden gem - bar

The best kept secret spot (the address on google maps is wrong on purpose). It looks like a hole in the wall taqueria but you go in through their kitchen and you walk into a New York-like speak easy. You exit through a beer refrigerator - literally. 
CAFE PARAISO              
fun night out - cocktails - cool

A tropical bar where Mexico and Cuba fuse! Best place to dance soul, cumbia, disco, salsa mixed under the best electro beat.
LICORERA LIMANTOUR                            
cool - cocktail - night out

Five mixologists stirring and shaking an extensive menu of cocktails. The atmosphere is sophisticated, a throwback to the golden age of Art Deco, but without any pretense.
local - night out - cocktails

A casual, comfortable spot with a long list of mezcalas, tequilas and beers that’s open until 3 or 4 a.m. - perfect for a final nightcap.
night out - cool - cocktails

Decorated like a vintage apartment, this bar hosts the best up and coming live bands and you can always find a great dj set.



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