A Sartorialist's Guide to Miami


Born and raised in New York, menswear connoisseur Angel Ramos is today, regarded as one of the 'coolest guys' in the industry. If you don't believe us, his award as '2010's Best Dressed Man in America' by Esquire might just confirm it.

Now, founder and owner of US-based tailoring house Angel Bespoke, he travels the world influencing like-minded men. Having spent many years in, and making frequent trips to Miami, Angel certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to getting a cafe con leche and cubana fix in the sunshine city.






Supply & Advise

classy - menswear


Created out of desperate need to fill a menswear void, this store offers the necessities, and some. Classic menswear is always in style, so you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re after here, and maybe just that something extra.



Del Toro Shoes

classy - luxury - menswear - hip - womenswear


Italian shoe store Del Toro makes shopping for the European flair, quicker (and cheaper). Keep your style relaxed with a pair of ‘daddy-cool’ sneakers or spice it up with velvet slippers for British elegance.


Miami Design District

luxury - hip - menswear - womenswear


Miami’s answer to the man who likes to shop all in one place. Scour the latest trends from some of the world’s most loved brands such as Gucci and Balenciaga. So you can be sure that whatever is seen on the runway goes straight in your wardrobe.


Ed Beiner

hip - classy - accessories


Avid shoppers today really love to give back to the local community, and Miami based eyewear brand delivers the goods that don’t require shopping international. Ed Beiner sees eyewear a fashion accessory just as much as it is a medical necessity. The designs are bold, sleek and functional.




Bodega Taqueria y Tequila

foodie - easy-going - restaurant - Mexican


For a zesty meal accompanied by fruity drinks and a vibrant setting, this street food spot should be on your list. Don’t be fooled, the taco truck is the real deal, so much so you’ll be wanting to book a trip to Mexico after.



Stanzione 87

foodie - easy-going - hip - Italian


The smell of home-cooked pizza in a wood-burning oven is what gets heads (and noses) turning at this eatery. Taking inspiration from the Italian coastal city of Naples, you’re certain to find the next best thing this side of the pond, right here.




foodie - luxury - Mexican - Peruvian - luxury


Latin American inspired dishes dominate the menus at this high-end restaurant. Whether you love fresh ceviches or empanadas, there is one thing we’re certain about; their cigar inspired dessert will definitely have your mouth watering.




foodie - easy-going - lunch


Attracting people from all walks of life, from the artsy designer to the oil-covered car mechanic, this no-frills spot certainly knows how to bring in the money, in sandwiches! If you’re passing and have quite the appetite, order the desayuno especial accompanied by a cafe con leche.




classy - hip - brunch - Italian


Located in Miami’s Soho House, here you’ll be served hand-made pasta, seafood, and Italian dishes with only the freshest ingredients. If you have that important meeting or date to impress, book a table for brunch here.



Las Olas Cafe

foodie - easy-going - lunch - International


Whether you have 20 minutes, 1 hour or more to eat, you can be served up handmade sandwiches and Cuban dishes in no time at Las Olas. The Cuban sandwich gets our vote for lunch, and the arepa makes for a great light bite.





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