Beta launch

Breaking news! 

Aliens are invading earth, marshmallows are coming down! I repeat: Marshmallows are coming down!

Oh no, sorry... we just received an update: it appears it’s not aliens nor marshmallows, but a cluster of deadly jelly beans heading towards us!

Run to your loved ones, take cover… the world is about to end!

Guys! Yet another update! Sorry but we are having problems with communication. It appears it’s not deadly jelly beans… it’s, it’s… a giant panda!

No, just kidding… our Beta is live! Freaking download it you magnificent rascals!


Because with DATS you’ll be able to:

- Search for places to eat, stay, experience and much more, in your current city or wherever you’re planning to go.

- Keep track of all your favorite spots into Bookmarks, organized automatically by town and category.

- Access detailed information on millions of places around the world.

But, hey! This is just the beginning… We have amazing things planned out for you! Soon you’ll be able to discover cities through people you trust and share your favorite places with friends!

Stay tuned!


Ale & Max

Max Panseca