Are you a movie buff? Can you quote all of Owen Wilson’s lines in Midnight in Paris from start to finish? In the age of multiplex, enjoy classic and new movies in some of the most amazing old school cinemas and, that too in Paris.



Le Grand Rex 

artsy - elegant- movie theatre



Get somebody to sit for your kids, while you sit at one of Europe’s largest auditoriums with a multi-tiered exterior and a fairy-tale interior. Enjoy the golden age of Hollywood stars in a ‘star lit sky’. You won’t be able to leave the drama on stage here!



Le Balzac 

local - movie theatre - lively



What do lights, sound, paint and shenanigans all have in common? Technical theatre! Choose from a variety of French Films at this place where the ambience feels like the comfort of your own living room. Better put your slippers in your bag!



La Pagode

arsty - rustic - movie theatre


Can you guess why this former historic monument was built? Well, as a romantic gift to the builder’s wife. Visit this place with your loved one not only for a movie date but a tea-tasting in the garden, before and after the movie. Fun Fact: the building was imported piece by piece from Japan. We wonder how they explained that one at customs?


Cinema du Pantheon

local - movie theatre - casual


How cool would it be to watch a classic movie at the oldest functioning cinema in Paris? A special highlight of the theatre is its lounge-esque vibe designed by on-screen legend Catherine Deneuve in 2006.


Le Champo  

local- rustic- movie theatre


The 2-screened cinema has been in operation for 7 decades. They have novel programming including the occasional trio-of-films beginning at midnight and ending with breakfast. So that’s what they mean by binge watching?










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