In a city as diverse as New York it's easy to find a different cuisine on every street corner, eating while on the move couldn't be easier with this much choice. Tacos for breakfast, pizza for lunch and sushi for dinner? Don't mind if we do!



Sushi - Sugarfish

Easy-going - Friends - Sushi - Casual 

The pursuit of good sushi can get expensive. This celebrated local chain combines simplicity, efficiency, and quality all rolled into one, to deliver the dining experience you never knew you needed (until now).   


















Burger - J.G. Melon  

Easy-going - Friends - Casual - Hamburger 

A no-frills burger joint favourited by New Yorkers, swear it to be the best burger in the city. Prepare your appetite for this famed pub, and make sure to order the cottage fries and sweeten off your lunch with a slice of their famed cheesecake. (Tip: the place is all cash so plan accordingly!)  


Ramen - Momofuku Noodle Bar 

Foodie - Japanese - Casual - Friends  

With quirky menu items such as fried chicken with caviar and lychee slushies, out of towners flock to Momofuku to see if the hype is right. There might be a line at the door but its noodle dishes are certainly worth the wait.





















Tacos: Tacombi  

Foodie - Mexican - Casual - Friends 

Mexico may be far from New York but its authentic cuisine doesn’t have to be. This taco stand combines a fast-casual dining experience with the artistic decor (and homemade everything!) that will beg you to stay. 


BBQ: Mighty Quinn’s Barbecue 

Easy-going - Casual - Friends - Traditional 

Salt, spice, and time are what it takes to get the familiar yet iconic taste of Mighty Quinn’s BBQ. The owners acknowledge that the soul of barbecue is in the south, but here they’re raising it in New York.   






















Mediterranean: Jack’s Wife Freda 

Foodie - Mediterranean - Family - Casual  

A lively bistro executing American-Mediterranean cooking and classic cocktails in a mom-and-pop style local. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a week, late hours, and a deep sense of hospitality makes a trip to Jack’s always a good idea.  


Pizza: Joe’s Pizza 

Easy-going - Pizza - Friends - Casual  

Established by Joe Puzzuoli, originally from Naples, this to-go pizzeria combines both Italian and New Yawwwk style pizza for a slice of Southern Italy in the big apple. 





















Chinese: Drunken Dumpling 

Easy-going - Chinese - Friends - Casual   

You Dim-Sum you lose some. However, this place certainly does not sacrifice quality for quantity with its pillow-size soup dumplings complete with a straw. This order-at-the-register Chinese spot uses locally farmed meats and veggies in all of its menu items.  


Sandwich: Katz’s Delicatessen 

Foodie - Sandwich - Friends - Casual   

An iconic Jewish deli that has become an NYC icon as imitators attempt to compete. Pastrami on rye bread with a dill pickle on the side is the locals order of choice to grab and go! 



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