This zone has its fair share of tourist traps, but that doesn't mean they’re the only place to go, we dug out all the best spots that doesn’t scream two-for-one or tasteless tapas. Money might not be able to buy happiness, but it can buy your dinner, and thats the same thing right?


foodie - dates - Mediterranean - romantic 


Setting the table for romance involves an array of ingredients: scrumptious food, intimacy and bespoke service. Well, Pla has it all. Bring your loved one to dine here to enjoy their relentlessly inventive menu. DATS insider scoop: Vegetarians and those on gluten-free diets will find plenty of choice.


La Alcoba Azul

 local - friends - traditional - tapas bar


Want to dine where is most favourited amongst locals and struggling to find it? Well, this little but amazing hidden gem a Tapas bar is the answer to all your questions. If you ever find it, don’t forget to try their speciality Tostas.



local - friends - tapas bar - intimate


You can’t go wrong at this authentic tapas bar with modern décor while enjoying a phenomenal gustatory experience. Only warning: Book early!

Set Portes

local - friends - café - Spanish 


Delicious seafood, elegant old paella and a bottle of your favourite wine, what else could you ask for? Come to this friendly café where the waiters are accommodating and take care of all your needs.


Café de L’Academia

local - friends - traditional - Spanish


Want to know why this place is a local secret? They specialise in dishes that Catalans have set apart and made it a tradition.



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