Europe’s melting pot for an international food scene. On almost every street corner you can feast your eyes (and stomach!) on any cuisine from around the world. From Peruvian ceviches to thin-crust Italian pizza - a city we guarantee you’ll never tire of dining in! 


Canadian: The Poutinerie  

Local - friends - easy-going - international 

Northern English people are extremely proud of their food choices so a big shout-out to them for making this guilty pleasure of chips, cheese and gravy such a satisfying combination. Note: best eaten when intoxicated at 4 am. 


Italian: Bocca al Lupo 

Local - dates - elegant - Italian 

If you’re going to have Italian food outside of Italy, London is the place to do it. Favourited by couples this intimate spot in the heart of Soho offers dishes inspired by all corners of the italian map. Calabrian ‘nduja? No problem. Home cured Tuscan beef? No problem. If you’re missing home on your trip - head here. 


Japanese: Sushi Tetsu 

Local - dates - family run - Japanese 


Here they take the simple and fresh culinary minimalism of japanese food and apply it to classic dishes like nigiri and rolls. Watch as husband and wife bring your meal to life with their home cooked dishes.. 


Malaysian: Roti King 

Hip - friends - casual - International 

London isn’t short of hidden restaurants, a feature that makes its dining scene so great. Step into this no frills spot serving up roti, a tasty unleavened flatbread prepared just like what you’ll find in market stalls across southeast Asia.  


Peruvian: Andina 

Hip - friends - design - Peruvian 

This place puts a chic London twist on traditional peruvian fare. Order the ceviche, a refreshing dish of raw fish “cooked” in lime juice, and accompany it with a Pizco sour for an added Latina touch. 


Argentinian: Zoilo 

Foodie - friends - casual - Argentinian  

A charming tapas bar serving up drool-worthy empanados, a hearty baked dough shell filled with meat and spices. Adios amigos, we know where we’re heading tonight! 


Thai: The Heron Bar and Restaurant  

Local - friends - rustic - Thai 

Traditional Thai cuisine (and enticing smells!) with a laid-back British interior. On the rare occasion it’s warm and dry, take an opportunity to enjoy their outdoor seating located right by the elegant Sussex Gardens. Dishes similar to the street food offerings in the markets, and are no less delicious.  



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