Lets face it, there is no avoiding the rain in London, regardless if the weather forecast is set to be sunny, pack an umbrella just in case. Or if you don’t, keep dry in one of our favourite indoor hotspots. 


Victoria and Albert Museum 

Artsy - museum - design  

Spread over six floors, the museum has galleries dedicated to every corner of the globe from the medieval period to the present day. There is a tranquil outdoor area that is a great place to sit and read or grab a bite to eat at the cafe! 


Natural History Museum & Science Museum 

Local - Museum - Nature 

Although very different, these two are right next door to each other and can both easily be visited in one day! Go to the Natural History Museum for the dinosaurs and volcanoes and then head to the Science Museum for some constellations, rockets, and shiny things - we all love playing with gadgets that light up! 


National Gallery  

Local - art gallery - intimate   

Here you will find hundreds of the most famous paintings in the world. The collection belongs to the public and admission is free 361 days of the year! 


Old Spitalfields Market 

Artsy - market - casual   

One of the finest surviving Victorian Market Halls in London with stalls offering some of the most niche fashion, antiques, and impeccable food market to fill those hungry mouths!  



Foodie - local - market 

A global street-food market open Thursday - Sunday from noon until late. It is a lively place with music playing loud and an overall party atmosphere. And one of the few places in town where double-denim still exists! 


The Shard  

Hipster - design - culture  

Already impressive from the outside, but the view from the inside is unbeatable, even on a dreary day. Go to the viewing decks up top and have a drink or a bite to eat at one of the popular restaurants. Top tip: Although London doesn’t have many sunny days this spot is best viewed when the sun is shining!



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