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Europe’s Best Christmas Markets That You Should Book Right Now

Twinkling lights, snow dusted buildings and carols to warm your cockles are just a few things we love about Christmas. But in reality, snow doesn’t often fall and we run out of time to decorate the house like Santa’s grotto, despite how optimistic we were. So to get you in the Christmas spirit that doesn't require organisation (yes, the Scrooges of the group, we're looking at you) then grab a mulled wine and explore one of our favourite European Christmas markets.

Innsbruck, Austria

‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’ only rings true if the ground is covered in the white fluffy substance. Lucky for you, the best time of year to see Innsbruck is during the Christmas season when it's hidden under snow. Featuring 70 stalls in a medieval setting, passersby can be sure to head home with handmade toys and other crafts. As well as indulging in sneaky Kiachln (doughnuts served with sauerkraut).

Vienna, Austria

For the elegant traveller who may not be looking for gifts but instead hoping for a pre Christmas treat for themself, then you’ll hit the spot at the Vienna's Christmas Village. Mulled wine, Christmas cookies and warm Viennese snacks dominate the stalls just as much as their handmade gifts do. And, if you have little ones, there is also a marzipan workshop to get their hands stuck into.

Vienna, Austria

Manchester, UK

If Yorkshire pudding or Porky pig gets your tummy rumbling and Bavarian wine tickles your fancy, Manchester has it all, and we mean all. Stalls are kitted out with international foods, wooden arts and crafts, and handmade jewels from different corners of the world. Best of all? It’s the longest running, starting on November 9th and running until December 22nd. How about that for your Christmas cheer?

Stuttgart, Germany

Fairy lights cover the city through the month of December when Santa comes to town. Having wowed the eyes (and hearts) of locals, and travellers for over 300 years, the scent of cinnamon and vanilla, and the taste of bratwurst and Gluhwein brings the city to life. Not forgetting their 290 booths for some of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts your family could ask for.

Stuttgart, Germany

Copenhagen, Denmark

Notably, not as well known as some of the other cities for boasting great Christmas markets, Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersens’ fairy tales certainly bring the magic of the season for even the Grinches amongst us. Taste, smell and shop everything from mulled wine, hot chocolate, handmade jewellery, gifts and decorations. Lastly, Santa is right there to tell him personally what’s on your list.

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