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How To ace Travelling While Pregnant

Aggiornato il: 17 ott 2018

Passing security checks and waiting in long airport queues gets to us at the best of times, but when carrying another human, travelling becomes a whole new ball game.

'I wonder who the father is'

What shall I wear? Do I need sickness pills? Will my feet swell? As long as you’re prepared before you embark, you’ll sail through your pregnancy travel with ease. And if you don’t... just think of it as a preparation for travelling with a teething toddler.

Put your Feet up

Long gone are the days of women confining themselves away during pregnancy (unless you’re anything like our founder, Ale that is!) so understanding the importance of taking breaks where you can is a hard task to grasp. But pop your feet up at any given moment, and take advantage of those offering you a seat.

Compression Socks

Your average Joe should be travelling with these too but more so when you have a baby on the way. During pregnancy our bodies swell faster than Veruca Salt at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, so you can thank us later for this tip.

Stay Hydrated

Ever notice when travelling how dry our skin becomes and those cravings for bad foods increase? That’s dehydration. It’s important we all stay hydrated when we’re surrounded by stale air conditioning, so keep a water bottle on you at all times. If you’re travelling long haul ask the airline staff to fill it for you. What are we supposed to do with those small cups of water they hand out? It’s not a vodka shot.

'Where am I going again? This baby-brain sure is annoying'

Get Comfortable

So what’s worse than being cocooned on an upright chair like cattle on a farm? Trying to get comfortable in that very spot, whilst pregnant. That’s where this handy belt comes into play. It sits around your torso, making it completely round for your comfort. Think of it as cushioning, without having to gain a few extra kgs for!

Sit Strategically

We honestly don’t understand how so many of you manage to fall asleep the moment the doors close on an aircraft. It’s been verified (according to trained pilots) that generally the front of the plane is smoother than the back. So if you don’t like turbulence or just want a restful right, pick a seat rows 1-10.

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