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How To Stay Fit While On The Move

Aggiornato il: 1 ott 2018

''Just smile Martha and pretend you're enjoying it''

We get it, we all love to travel, but living in a generation that is more Millennial than avocado on toast means we now know how to board flights in our sleep. However, it’s all fun and games until travelling through countless time zones, redeye take-offs and bad eating habits begin to take a toll on our bodies.

We’re not saying you need to cut calories and hit the ground running with crazy cardio twice a day, just to look like an Instagram model. (Okay we wish we looked like that too, but we equally love our desserts and pasta dishes). Keeping fit is vital to not only our physical health but our mental health too. This is how it's done...(and if you get abs along the way, great!)

Wake up 20 minutes earlier

We complain we’re tired to work out and that we’re just ‘too busy’, but that’s simply not true. We all have 20 minutes per day, even when we are on the move. Get a short jog in, hit the hotel gym or squat from the comfort of your hotel room!

Breakfast like a King

Granted most of us stumble about looking for the nearest caffeine fix to be able to function. But the old saying that our parents taught us about breakfast being the most important meal runs true. Instead of grabbing that banana as you step out the door, give yourself time to have a healthy breakfast each morning of your trip. We sure you’re much less likely to snack on those Cheetos come 3pm.

''Weeeee. This is great. I don't have to do anything!''

Take a bike

Cities are the first culprit when it comes to destroying our planet with CO2 emissions but are also quick off the mark at protecting it. Dotted across most of our favourite destinations now are plenty of app-friendly bike rentals. Hop on to do your exploring and your legs will thank you for it.

Walk more

Yes sure, it’s easier to hop on the metro or even take that cab when you’re overseas. Boycot that easy route next time; explore further and put your feet to good use. You might find you come home with some extra cash too. Winning?

Watch those bad meals

'Calories don’t count on holiday’, might not be the best piece of advice we've given ourselves. Of course, don’t deprive yourself of that salted caramel gelato but do you really need two in one day? Probably not.

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