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Tackling the Carry-On When you Have OCD

Aggiornato il: 1 ott 2018

How we think we look when we travel....

Cramming all your favourite beauty products into your carry-on can be a stress for even the most low maintenance of travellers. We’re sure you’re aware that airplanes act as a breeding ground for bacteria, screaming kids and stale air. Yeah, we don’t want to think about it either.

Alas brands swiftly understood the vitalities needed to protect us from such unpleasantries whilst stuck on that metal tube. Store shelves are stacked with ideal finds from nifty gadgets to your favourite cosmetics in miniatures. A marketing ploy? Probably, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop buying them.

Eye Masks

Because nothing says ‘I’m jet-lagged’ more than those bags under your eyes and a Starbucks coffee in your hand the moment you touchdown. Estee Lauder’s Advanced Repair eye masks might not be able to take away the fact you need your caffeine but at least your eyes will say otherwise.

...how we really look

Travel Set

Who says you can’t travel in cashmere? If you’re going to be sleeping on an upright chair with a child kicking the back of your seat you at least want to be comfortable! Pop on that eye mask and stay cosy in this set by Naked Cashmere.

Noise Cancelling headphones

Ever been stuck next to a passenger who takes the initial 'hello' further? Well, there was a reason Bose invented noise cancelling headphones. You’re welcome.

Finger Toothbrush

Sounds gross, we know. However, this little gadget is the perfect companion to prep for your arrival. Granted most major airlines leave overnight packets on your seat but who has the patience to brush their teeth with a hard bristled brush that snaps in one swipe?


We’re certain you know when travelling long haul, or short haul for that matter, our skin is the first thing to suffer. Don’t forget to pack a miniature of your favourite moisturiser in your carry-on. Listen to your mothers (and us) and you won’t need to worry about that flaky skin again.

Hand Sanitiser

There is no single part of a plane that is filthier than the tray table in front of your face (believe us, we have OCD). Your choice if you decide to clean it before use, but keeping a miniature hand sanitizer in your bag will make eating your packaged plane food more bearable.

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