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Mastering The art of Solo Travel

Aggiornato il: 17 ott 2018

With 5am alarms and hedonistic plans on the agenda, the modern traveller is no longer the ‘ready-made girl’ group, instead it’s the ‘soul searchers’. Somehow we can’t help but think Julia Roberts has impacted this wave of go-getters and, somewhat selfish free spirit, in us.

Is this how bloggers do it?

Studies show the number of solo travellers is on the rise, and most of those are women. So while we raise a glasses to ‘sisters doing it for themselves’ it’s also important to know what to do in order to prep as best you as you can, should you decide to step out exploring alone.

Do your Research

Study the destination you’re going to ahead of time. Research on important factors, from the best spots to meet other singles; the top solo-traveller friendly hotels and where you should and shouldn’t hang out (sometimes it’s just not worth that Instagram picture).

Talk to Strangers

Of course, the best stories after returning home from a vacation are the ones about the people you meet. Whether you’re in a local tropical bar in Havana or in a rowdy restaurant in New York, get to know the people around you - often they can subconsciously teach you a thing or two!

'I think this is what they mean by getting to know the locals'

Look Up

From our experience, if there is one thing we’ve learnt from solo travel it’s discovering the finer details in places. When you're stuck with travel companion it’s easy to get preoccupied in chit chat and one caffeine pit stop too many.

Appreciate it

Yeah, solo travelling can get lonely at times. But have you thought about how travelling with three kids (and a man) might be? Yep. Enjoy that freedom, you might not get that back.

Choose Wisely

Some destinations are made for travelling alone and some are not. Think twice before book that flight to Miami but do board that plane to LA. In a city where 80% of its inhabitants are single and out for themselves, join them!

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