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Prepping For Fashion Week Like an Editor

Aggiornato il: 18 ott 2018

If looks could kill

The month-long phenomena that comes around twice a year; an event that certainly gets heads turning, voices whispering and jaws dropping.

We often wonder is attending Fashion Week really about the designers and what we're expected to see next season, or is it just a chance to show off your new Manolo’s? (Okay, we admit we’ve done it too)

Nevertheless, lessons were soon learnt after one blister too many, that now we like to think we now have the fashion week prep down to an art. Because as they say, if you can’t beat them, join them…

Comfy shoes

As a fashion week virgin, there is no denying you put on the most killer shoes (literally) that you can find, just to get noticed. Well, you know what else gets noticed? You, unable to walk in them. Can we stop pretending needle thin stilettos are comfy? Leave them at home. Throw on a fresh pair of sneakers and whisk between shows and parties with ease.

Daily Mail

Killer Sunglasses

If there is one thing fashionistas do well, it’s owning a pair of sunglasses. Whether sat on that Parisian metro or frow-ing it at Dior, there’s never a wrong time to wear them. ''But it’s raining’', we hear you cry. Doesn’t matter, act confident, and no one will question you.

Statement piece

We all have that one ‘thing’: a go-to look that our friends know is right up our street. Karl Lagerfeld’s is his never ending collar draw, Kim Kardashian’s is her figure hugging dresses. Whatever yours is, pull it from your imagination, enhance it and own it.

Nolita Hearts NYC


Forbid you’re spotted with a wardrobe malfunction. Whether it be bra straps on show, transparent blouses or just plain uncomfortable knickers. Be sure to pack for all occasions, shopping for that perfect cup is difficult at the best of times!

Stay Hydrated

Seems obvious we know, but it’s a piece of advice your 40 year old self will thank you for. When it comes to glass after glass of champagne, broken meals and too much excitement, it’s easy to forget. Don’t let your skin suffer from fashion fatigue. Trust us, we’ve been there!

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