Dar Yacout Enchanting location and great food
Le jardin A meeting point for artists and intellectuals, the emerald tiles will stun you!
Al Fassia Run exclusively by women, come here for the perfect tagine

Atay Cafè Ready for one of the strongest mint teas on a panoramic terrace?
Le Grand Cafè de la Poste Cosy up next to the fireplace and sip on a glass of wine
La Mamounia An institution in Marrakech, you can't miss a drink here at sunset

Riad El Fenn Drenched in the colours from the souk, it’s a feast for the eyes!
Riad Petit Palais Relax in their deep stone bathtubs
Palais Khum A luxurious riad in the centre of town, with a stunning indoor pool

Chabi Chic Refined artisanal homeware on the ground floor of Nomad's restaurant
Akbar Delights Can't leave the city without their babouche slippers and unique kaftans
Mustapha Blaoui Searching for the perfect carpet here, is a rite of passage!

Beldi Country Club Take a short taxi ride and spend the afternoon in their exquisite spa
Maison de la Photographie Bewitching photographs portraying the country
Le Jardin de Majorelle Lose yourself in a dreamlike maze of exotic plants

Max Panseca