Acqua Pazza Overlooking the port, you’ll find Ponza’s Michelin starred restaurant. Their fish dished are just a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

La Marina An enchanting spot right on the beach, owned by local fishermen.

A casa di Assunta A family-run restaurant, hidden in the rolling hills with an incredible view. They serve up the daily catch, deeelicious.


Bar Tripoli Located on the main street, it’s a great bar to sip on an ice-cold spritz.

Frontone - The go-to place for an aperitivo. It’s not accessible by land, but that’s just part of the fun. Remember, they have a strict dress code: you must wear a bathing suit!

Kibar This is by far the most romantic spot in Ponza. Have a drink alfresco on boho-chic benches perched under blooming bougainvilleas.


Boat tours Rent a boat at the main port and visit these natural beauties: Arco Naturale, Chiaia di Luna, Cala Core and neighbouring Palmarola island.

Piscine Naturali A wonderful cove with small creeks between the rocks that make it a small natural jewel.

San Silverio If you’re in Ponza on the 20th June, you can’t miss the yearly celebration for the patron of the town, San Silverio. It’s the craziest time and best way to experience the true local culture.


Villa Laetitia A charming B&B, where each room has a different point of view: jagged panoramas of distant boats, cobbled streets, the sky and deep blue sea.

Hotel Chiaia di Luna Located in a natural amphitheatre, its fascinating structure will take your breath away!


Cala Corallo A local jewellery shop with a naval vibe, it also stocks sandals and bags made entirely from recycled sail cloths.

Marcoccia Profumi The place to come to if you’re looking for a souvenir. Their perfume “Acqua di Ponza” will leave you dreaming of coming back!


A special thanks to our friend Flavia, a true Roman who has always been in love with Ponza, her absolute favourite summer destination.

Max Panseca