Yemeni Typical Cycladic cuisine with a family atmosphere and an exceptional wine selection. ~ Paros ~

Sousouro Expect to find a small café with big flavors. It serves up the best breakfast and killer cocktails at night. ~ Paros ~

Ephessus Sit in a lantern-filled garden whilst digging into their manti (Anatolian ravioli) or peinirli (traditional pizzas). You’ll understand why this restaurant is so popular! ~ Paros ~

Magaya A Greek restaurant that mixes its traditional flavors with the ones from Thailand, located on a wonderful beach ~ Paros ~

Captain Pipinos A typical Greek Tavern that looks out onto Despotiko. It’s the perfect spot for lunch; we recommend trying gouna, sun-dried mackerel cooked on the grill. YUM! ~ Antiparos ~

Vicky's Ice Cream The very best ice cream of the island… if not of both! ~ Antiparos ~

Sommaripa Consolato A local bar perched on top of Naoussa’s small port. It serves first-class drinks and is great for people watching! ~ Paros ~

Bar at Beach House A lounge bar with special dishes and great live music. Their cocktails are amazing! ~ Antiparos ~

Bar at Sunset Deseo Particular cocktails paired with incredible food and, of course, the best sunset views. ~ Antiparos ~

Archaelogical Museum If you’re looking to learn a little about the island’s history, this museum is a cool escape into its past! ~ Paros ~

Paros Kite If you’re a kite surf fan this spot on the Pounta beach is the perfect place to get your sweat on. We wouldn’t recommend eating here though! ~ Paros ~

Cave of Antiparos A huge and atmospheric cave, home to huge stalactites and stalagmites. It’s a cool thing to experience if you’re tired of all that tanning! ~ Antiparos ~

Pension Sofia The lush garden filled with roses and bougainvilleas alone makes it worth the stay! As a plus, the owners are charming and the rooms are simple and immaculate. ~ Paros ~

Beach House A small boutique hotel on the beach with simple but elegant rooms, all equipped with balconies or terraces. ~ Antiparos ~


A special thanks to our friend Cristiano, whose passion for kite surf led him to choose Paros as his second home five months a year.

Max Panseca