No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep, right?  This city comes to life when the sun goes down. Whether you want luxury and popular or local and alternative one of these spots with have you dancing until dawn.  


classy - stylish - nightclub

The NY Times named it the “Best Club in the World”, its thumping sound systems and upbeat atmosphere attracts party goers worldwide. Note: Its door policy is notorious, but all is forgotten once you enter...if you manage to get in, of course.



easy-going - club - outdoor seating

Good music and an even better crowd. Immerse yourself in their beer garden full of vintage lamps, armchairs and bonfires and stay until close.  


Weekend Club

hipster - elegant - nightclub  

Who knew George Clooney likes to party? Overlooking Alexanderplatz with a rooftop terrace, it’s known that the star frequents this hotspot when he’s in town. In the warmer months make sure you stay until sunrise for a post-party feed. If it’s good enough for George, it’s good enough for us! 

house of weekend.jpg


easy-going - lively - club

Does music matter to you? If yes, is the answer, we have the solution. World renowned DJ’s such as Eric Morillo and Adam Freeland play house, drum and bass and break-beat here. If you’re not too distracted by the beats, they also have a beautiful view through its floor-ceiling plate glass windows.



hipster - lively - club 

Embrace the opportunity to explore a side of the city you probably haven’t amongst abandoned cars and debris. Running non-stop Monday to Friday, the rhythm and pace doesn’t end here until they say so. Playing techno to house, the names in the DJ booth might just be some of your favourites.  



local - hip - nightclub 

One of the city’s most exclusive clubs. Don’t be disheartened if you are denied entry here, the door policy is strict, maybe it’s the music scene inside or the wurst on offer outside. However, locals and travellers continue to flock here for a good time, and they really don’t mind the queue. So if you don’t want to wait, head elsewhere. 


Birgit and Bier 

hip - hipster - nightclub  

As close as you’ll get between a club and a biergarten. The audy mysterious interiors set a scene that feels dated while its sound system is out of this world. This club opens early and closes early, so you can start partying from mid-afternoon until early morning. Top tip: food doesn’t go unnoticed here either! 

Birgit and Bier.jpg

KitKat Club 

hip - eccentric - nightclub  

As they say anything goes in Berlin and we’re just as shocked as you might be after partying here. Don’t go if you’re innocent to explicit sightings but do go if you’re open minded and up for a good time with fire breathing dragons and a Techno beat.  

   KitKat Club.jpg

:// About Blank 

hip - local - nightclub  - eccentric 

Aside from coming out of here with a complete mind blank, this club will completely wow you. Its interior is gritty and somewhat underground while its year long outdoor stage has room to chill. Techno warriors rejoice. 

_ About Blank.jpg

Alte Munze 

eccentric - hip - nightclub - local  

An underground club that combines a dungeon-esque feel with a labyrinth of discoveries. Hosting heavy-hitting house, this scene is not for the faint hearted showcases some of Techno’s darkest moments. Contrary to its mysterious vibe, head here for the occasional opera, play or musical that also goes on. 

Alte Munze.jpg


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