Some of the most unique hotels in the world can be found in the German capital and it’s no surprise in a city where anything goes! To help you get started with your search, here is our collective round up – for the coolest, most hip, quirky and downright unusual (in no particular order!) 

Hotel Bikini

boutique hotel - hipster - lively

Love animals? Rest your head in this urban jungle complete with animal themed decor and long leafy plants hanging from the ceiling. Complete with in-house bakery, rooftop restaurant. AND breathtaking 360-degree view. If that’s not enough, there’s even an Airstream street food van permanently parked outside. Ideal when stumbling back at 3am! 

hotel bikini.jpg


boutique hotel - design - hip

 The hotel staff at this funky hotel are music college graduates. So while one might expect bacon and eggs on the room service menu, they offer Guitars and Keyboards. Make sure you keep an eye out for impromptu gigs taking place on the hotel roof!


Michealberger Hotel

boutique hotels - hip - classy

Fancy spending the night with the coolest models, artists and media crowd? Okay we can’t promise they’re offer their room but book at this eco shabby-chic hotel and you might catch a glimpse of them. Tip: They often have have pop-up concerts being held by the likes of Damien Rice or Arcade Fire.

michelberger hotel.jpeg


boutique hotels - hip - modern 

A hotel named after the extravagant Spanish film director and is Berlin’s first vegetarian organic hotel. Its restaurant Bistro Bardot is open to non-guests, should you be passing by and yoga lovers, all their rooms come equipped with yoga mats!


The Circus Hotel

boutique hotel - hip - design

Complete with pre-loaded iPods, Segway rentals and mini-laptops. If you’re a techhead you’re in for a treat here. Albeit you may not get much sleep with this many distractions!

circus hotel.jpg

Das Stue Hotel 

hip - boutique hotel - artsy  

Having once housed the Danish embassy this classically designed building now stands pride of places as one of the city’s most predominant places to stay. It’s restored staircase is quite something as you step inside. As is the hotel bar, restaurant, and mix of colourful furniture and animal sculptures.  

Das Stue Hotel.jpg

Provocateur Berlin 

hip - boutique hotel - luxury  

If the name doesn’t reveal all perhaps the Lady Marmalade furniture might. Flamboyant characters can rejoice here whether for a romantic weekend or just for the fun of it. Featuring a busy and glam bar, you might not need to step out of the hotel premises.

Provocateur Berlin.jpg

Hotel Mani  

hip - romantic - boutique hotel - classy  

An intimate boutique hotel with seductive interiors; ideal for a getaway with that special someone. (Or if you just want to feel fancy alone, too). Cosy up in their dimly lit restaurant or dive into one of the many books in the hotel lobby. 

Hotel_Mani .jpg

The Weinmeister 

hip - hipster - boutique hotel  

Hip and affordable. Centrally located in the city’s ‘hipster’ mecca, you’re sure to set your sights on some pretty cool people staying here. Fake graffitti dominates the entrance, while it’s ‘ironic chic’ vibe continues through it’s decor and demour.  

The Weinmeister.jpg


hip - hipster - eccentric 

Love camping? Well this ‘urban-camp’ style hotel is a warehouse space to make your own home for a few days. Whether you prefer to stay in a camper van or wooden cabin, each is unique and designed beautifully by the owners.

Huttenplast .jpg


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