Great vegan food isn’t hard to come by in Marrakech since most delicacies are catered around being creative with vegetables. But with the countless options it can be overwhelming; not as overwhelming as the dishes at these spots though.  

Al Fassia

foodie - vegan - vegatarian - international

Why you should visit this place? Run entirely by women (the Chaab sisters), rest  assured you’ll feel at ease and eat in peace. Must try: the lentil squash stew!

al fassia.jpg

La Terrasse Des Epices

vegan - foodie - intimate 

A fancy and pricey terrasse with lovely gourmet food. You will feel like a tourist, listening to chilled house music accompanied by impeccable service. If that's your vibe, then we’re sure it gets your thumbs up! 

La  Terrasse  Des  Epices.jpg

Earth Cafe

foodie - vegan - vegetarian - healthy

Who said vegan food consists of only raw vegetables? Step inside for innovative vegan dishes of noodles, yummy salads and tacos. Before leaving take a visit to the farm to see where your ingredients come from!

earth cafe.jpg

Marrakech Henna Art Cafe

international - foodie - vegetarian - vegan

Where food meets art. This charming cafe and art space is a cosy retreat dishing up a mixed menu of North Africa and healthy-leaning sandwiches. True to its name there are local art exhibits, a collection of Berber artefacts, wall murals and the opportunity to get your own piece of henna body art.

Marrakech  Henna  Art  Cafe .jpg


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