Did you know there are no street names in Mykonos to deter away the pirates? Turns out they’re not the only ones who get lost… we quickly learned the only way to navigate your way around its old town, is by memorising which boutique is located where! Well…you know what else that helps with? Shopping!



Local - Jewellery - Fashion

Located in Mykonos’ Chora, this mystical store can easily be missed but once you’re inside its labyrinth, you’ll find your hands full of trinkets taking you right around the world.


Luisa at Nammos

Luxury - Womenswear - Fashion


Boutiques on the Hellenic island are in abundance but a boutique in a beach club? Life on Mykonos doesn’t get any better! With music booming from the club and a frenzy of the latest swimwear, you know you won’t come away empty handed. 



Luxury - Fashion - Local 


This mansion turned store will make even the most normal of people feel like a Greek goddess. Boasting a boho-vibe and a plethora of accessories, if you’re after the perfect summer sandals and straw hat, Jardin exceeds expectations. 



Luxury - Local - Handmade


A sucker for good quality leather? A family-run store boasting layers and layers of colourful leather for men and women as a keepsake. 


Maurizio Mykonos

Luxury - Local - Fashion


It’s all Greek to me… this Athenian label produces high-end pieces crafted in luxurious fabrics, with Swarovski elements for that glistening touch. Torn between leather or silk? Just buy both, we won’t judge you. 



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