Top 5 Celebrity Hangouts

Have you ever found yourself signalling an awkward hello to someone you thought you knew, to realise after they were in fact from TV? Yup, we’ve been there too. In a city as famed as New York it’s bound to happen regularly, but if you’re keen to check out where they really hang out, read on. 


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Locals and famed faces flock here, not because of the food but to have a good time. With a booming atmosphere, French-Mediterannean cuisine and Beyonce in the background who wouldn’t want to dine here?



The Polo Bar

hip - friends - elegant - restaurant

A stylish eatery located in the city’s Midtown, nicely represents the Ralph Lauren brand with its dark wood and soft leather. But thats not all thats luxury about it, if you manage to get yourself a table here you might just be sat beside Barbra Streisand or Gwyneth Paltrow. But don’t forget, as our mother’s told us, it’s rude to stare!

Rainbow Room

hip - friends - luxury - brunch 

With views over looking the city, and one of the most expensive brunches you’re likely to ever endure, (hey, it’s all about the experience, right?) this locale is often frequented the Kylie Jenner and Jimmy Fallon. So much so, you my feel as though you’re on the set of The Tonight Show. 




The Carlyle 

luxury - friends - cool - bar  

Located in the city’s Rosewood Hotel, sightings of Sarah Jessica Parker’s local hangout no longer have to consist of Sex and the City re-runs, as this was the star’s filming spot. Pull up a chair and sip a cocktail just like Carrie would.

The Waverly Inn

luxury - dates - elegant - Michelin-star


It’s no surprise to us that this restaurant was awarded Michelin-Stars with its outstanding dishes and impeccable service. Here nothing goes unnoticed. Considered a great spot for A-lister watching, if you don’t mind spending $90 on your main course, that is. 




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