Top 5 Celebrity Hangouts

Whether you’re an aspiring Instagram paparazzi or like to pretend you’re a A-Lister, prepare your intros and head to one of these spots. You’re sure to brush shoulders with TV stars, Royalties and chart-topping artists.


Chiltern Firehouse

luxury - friends - modern - restaurant

Peek the reservation list on arrival and you may recognise a few names from the likes of Mr Cruise to the Beckhams. Get in early, scoring a table at this place is as difficult as winning a penalty shoot out at the World Cup.













The Ivy 

hip - friends - elegant - restaurant 

Step into this Celebrity melting-pot and you might be caught up in a marital feud between Brad, Angelina and Jennifer, who have all been spotted here. Okay they weren’t fighting, and they were not here at the same time, but seeing them enjoy their sea bass still makes for good viewing. 


Sexy Fish 

foodie - friends - seafood - hip

Sexy fish or sexy faces? Well both. Rita Ora sang at their launch party, Kate Moss was stood with a drink in hand (of course) and the Kardashian-Jenner clan have been known to grace this abode with their presence. Oh, did we mention the food and cocktails are great too? 






















luxury - dates - elegant - intimate

Who doesn’t love the Royal family? Often spotted at this luxurious establishment, guests can dine pap free for the night as this member’s club does not permit the use of mobiles. Guess you’ll have to just tell everyone about that amazing salted caramel dessert instead. 

Hakkasan Mayfair

luxury - modern - dates - hip

You lose some, you Dim Sum. Enjoying delicious Asian food in the company of Kanye West and Kim K makes for quite the evening, if you manage to spot them amongst the dimly lit tables. We’ll have whatever they’re having, thanks. 




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