There’s no denying it, there’s a dancing queen inside of you somewhere. The city’s club scene is changing decks and you wouldn't want to miss being a part of it. Milan’s nightlife might be hidden but we’re about to uncover it for you. 



Hip - Friends-Club-Lively

Its 5pm somewhere, right? At TOM, anytime is a good time. Enjoy their international cuisine to begin your night and show your best moves in their black club bar that comes alive after dinner.


Nepentha Club

Local - Friends-Lively-Club

Love current music? Is the ‘80s atmosphere your guilty pleasure? We found the hotspot for you! Party the night away in this town’s iconic club that has been around for decades.



Friends, hip, nightclub.

As women, as shallow as it sounds, we don’t want to spend 2 hours getting ready for our look to be ruined before the night is over. Here, you don’t have too. This place has a huge dance floor booming with electronic music. Attracting an eclectic crowd, surround yourself with international guests and named Djs on the decks.  


Friends- Stylish-Nightclub 

Is partying amongst VIPs your kind of gathering? Here, you can party with the rich and famous. Grab your cocktail and take your party outside. At Byblos, its a never-ending summer!


Santa Tecla

Hipster- Friends- Nightclub

Smoke machines, dimmed lights and EDM - sound good? We thought so. Say Hi to your new home to while away your Milan nights.



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