While the city has plenty of spots that sling Cubanos and street stalls that serve up cafecito, they’re not all tucked away in Little Havana. Craving authentic Cuban food in Miami? Here’s where to find it.  


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Both Conde Nast and Culture Trip recommend this OG Little Havana eatery. Inside, grab a table under one of the ornate chandeliers, order a cafe cubano, a guava pastelito and have a seat. And be sure to keep both ears open to know what's going on politically in the exilio community.  

La Rosa Restaurant 

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A local favourite for years, La Rosa serves a variety of standout dishes include the vaca frita de carne, sopa de pollo, and bistec empanizado, along with the much talked about paella — all cooked by the owner himself. 

El Palacio de los Jugos

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It's not fancy, doesn't have a dress code, and everyone is welcome - so long as you enjoy delicious food and won't ask for a copy of their "nutrition facts" you’re good.  The irresistible smells will work their magic on your appetite, and you’ll be forced to succumb to the lechon asado and ropa vieja. 


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Catering to a new generation of Miamian that favours a more Americanized or Latin-inspired take on Cuban cuisine. Why go here? The menu of low-calorie eats is a gift to any healthy eater with taste buds. Think tasty, wholesome swaps like cauliflower rice, turkey picadillo and whole wheat grains. 

La Carreta 

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A Miami mainstay for more than four decades, this place is well-known for "abuela-style" Cuban cooking throughout its nine locations (and counting). Just about anywhere throughout South Florida, this place can be found to satisfy those cafecito and croqueta cravings. 

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