A balanced diet is a gelato in each hand, right? Whatever the weather, there’s never a bad time to enjoy a cone of the world’s favourite frozen dessert.  

Perche’ No

traditional - foodie - sweet treats 

Aptly amed after the literal translation of ‘Why not?’, this gelateria boasts all the fancy flavours from Sicilian pistachio, to watermelon granita in summer. Vegan? We have good news for you. They usually have around 6 to 8 dairy-free choices to offer. 

Perche No.jpg

Gelateria dei Neri

traditional - local - sweet treats

In London and Prague travellers take part in pub crawls, in Italy we do gelato crawls; and in Florence and starts and ends here! Gregorio Gabellieri of Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, highly recommends the ‘sweet signature caramello’ and we couldn’t agree more! 

gelateria de neri.jpg


elegant - local - sweet treats 

The oldest gelateria in Florence and is arguably the most famous. There’s a reason they don’t offer cones, and you’ll understand the moment you finish your first cup. 


Gelateria La Carraia

local - hip - sweet treats 

Any self confessed gelato-holic knows the flavours don’t stop at chocolate. Why have vanilla when you can have peanut butter or tiramisu mousse? This place might be busy though this it’s always worth the wait.


Cantina del Gelato

easy going - hip - sweet treats

Avocado fan or Acai berry addict? Well, here you can get them in gelato form! Who knew? With a couple of locations in the city, you have no excuse not to try each flavour.

la cantina del gelato.jpg


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