We get it - keeping to stringent diets can be tough. What we are talking about here - is putting the good stuff in your body, without depriving yourself of those guilt-free treats! Armed with this list, you can suddenly be that person who somehow always knows where to eat good too. (You’re welcome.)

Gemyse Tivoli

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One thing is for sure – you’ll never come across an overcooked carrot here only fresh vegetables bursting with flavour. Be sure to visit the kitchen garden, where bonfires are crackling away most of the day and you pop your own popcorn and toast your own marshmallows!

Gemyse Tivoli.jpg


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Supposedly the best sushi spot, for even those who don’t like fish. With a plethora of cooked meat and fish options, and a panoramic view of the city, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a laid back meal. Highly recommend: the black miso cod! 


Bio Mio

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No more guilt trips when you order a pizza or indulge in a barbeque. This meatpacking district is an organic gem for healthy eaters. All produce is 100% organic, directly from the chef, who’s more than happy to answer questions and take special orders.

Bio Mio.png

42 Raw

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If a juice isn’t going to hit the spot and you need real food, then this is the place to be. Most of what’s on the menu are hearty homecooked ‘grandma’ dishes. We can’t get enough of the sweet potato mash!

42 Raw.png


healthy - vegetarian - casual - restaurant

Savour a warm fresh soup served up in organic and biodegradable packaging for the planet conscious diner. And if soups aren’t enough, they also offer cocktails (all organic, of course).  



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