Berlin certainly knows how to embrace international dining, putting it on the map as one of Europe’s most diverse destinations. Here you’ll soon see dining in Germany doesn’t have to consist of just pretzels, schnitzel, and beer. Unless that’s what you came for, of course! 

Mao Thai

international - casual - foodie

Green and red curry, prawn patties, oyster sauce marinated duck, fish dishes a plenty and edible decorative veggies. Say hello to Berlin’s first high-end Thai restaurant, satisfying hungry mouths since 1993.

mao thai.jpg


indian - elegant - foodie

Experience authentic Indian cuisine infused with a German touch here. Don’t worry, the dishes are still full of your favourite spices and flavours, while the atmosphere is relaxing and tranquil. We highly recommend the Roti over the Naan! 


Santa Maria

mexican - lively - restaurant

A go-to spot for ‘Taco Tuesday’. The simple interior, evokes a Mexican flair while their tender chicken and beef speaks for themselves. Here they clearly know how to get spices and flavours just right. Try one of their Margaritas and throw on a Sombrero! 

santa maria.jpg

Carik Kuruyemis

international - restaurant - foodie

At this modest restaurant tables are dominated with most of the clientele eating one thing, the Kumpir. While, it’s famous for it's amazing Turkish cuisine, the Kumpir is why people come back. Fresh, warm potatoes caked in various toppings that range from olives to safran salad. Show up hungry.

Carik  Kuruyemis.jpg

Imren Grill

international- innovative- foodie

This place is a favourite of many Berliners because of their fresh ingredients, homemade sauces, and great menu variety. The döner and the fresh Turkish pizza (lahmacun) are just a snippet of the menu’s highlights. 



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