Tired of thumping clubs and eccentric music scenes? There is something intimate about live music and we’re delivering the golden nuggets of where to find it in Berlin. Whether you love jazz or hardcore punk or love to hear tunes from the newest up-and-coming acts, you can be sure to find them here.

Madame Claude 

bar - hipster - live music

Don’t be confused, you’re not walking upside-down. Here furniture, clothing, and books are glued to the ceiling (perfect for the Instagram-obsessed) just to add to the eccentric aesthetic. Off to the side of the small bar area is an even smaller live music venue, where you can catch the next-next-big-thing play.

Madame_Claude .jpg

Schokoladen e.V.  

local - bar - live music - jazz

This place will still surely bring back fond memories for old school punks. If you’re not choosy, just show up on a random night and see who’s performing—could be anything from classic hardcore to reggae to ‘50s cover bands.

Schokoladen e.V..jpg


hip - bar - live music - jazz - casual

One of the oldest in the business and nothing like the literary character; a jazz club where you can also wine and dine. With a traditional atmosphere and good drinks accompanied by jazz to soul and blues – spend the night the unforgettable Quasimodo-way.


Junction Bar

easy going - bar - lively

In order to enjoy the music, you’ll have to take the staircase down – right into the arms of good acoustics and marvelous drinks. With a small bar and a dance floor, this intimate spot attracts music lovers from all over.  

Junction Bar .jpg

DODO Berlin

classy - rustic - bar - live - music

There nothing this place can’t do, a haven for artists and musicians of all sorts – and for anyone who wants to see them. From a cosy atmosphere to the perfect location to thirst-quenching drinks.

DODO_Berlin .png


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