A vibrant nightlife that doesn’t exist only once the sun goes down. Partying in Mykonos is a one of a kind experience and if you’re yet to have a taste of it (and the Ouzo), you’re in for a treat! Granted wandering the streets and stumbling into the next local can be equally fun but this Guide will certainly tell you where to begin…Opa! 



Local - Friends - Lively - Bar

Located on the seafront of Little Venice, Caprice is a great place to start. With parties beginning at noon, whether you decide to stay here from day to night is up to you - but you certainly will keep going until sunrise. 


Down Under

Local - Friends - Rustic - Bar

Noted as one of the oldest bars on the islands, yet full of life and energy. Down Under is booming with not only eclectic music but also a diverse crowd of people. 



Local - Friends - Stylish - Outdoor-seating

Situated in a stylish setting and built on multiple levels, Semeli’s open-air seaside lounge attracts locals and celebrities alike. Choose from their impressive cocktail menu and soak up the island vibes from some of the world’s finest DJs.


The Piano Bar

Easy going - Friends - Casual - Bar

Live music consisting of a piano-based cabaret and sunset inspired cocktails, this long running bar is the perfect setting for your Aegean getaway. And on Mykonos, there’s no wrong time for a party…


Galleraki Bar

Local  - Friends - Casual - Lively

Who needs to send a postcard when you can have the real deal? Enjoy a magical Mykonian sunset at Galleraki in Little Venice: cocktail in hand or stroll over in the morning (ok, really, we mean midday) for OJ and a frappé.



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