A city that might not have it’s name on the map for being a fashion capital, its inhabitants sure takes pride in their appearance, especially when heading to the beach and come sundown. Now where can we find our tropical print shirts?


hip - menswear  

Believing in the quality of their craft this high-end yet no frills store offers some of the most up and coming designs enough to make the hippest of men jealous. Hosting under-the-radar brands from different corners of the states, the style here is relaxed yet refined.  

Mimo Market 

hip - menswear - womenswear - classy  

Taking inspiration from New York and LA, two friends began this store out a real passion and the result? Unique designs helping style seekers define their go-to look. Accessories are intricate and clothing items evoke a euro-cali flair.  


hip - menswear - classy  

Effortless cool is the style here, so if you love linen shirts with a tropical touch, this might just do the trick. Think Talented Mr Ripley meets Miami Vice (the elegant kind of course), choose between classy floral button downs, made from the best quality materials (and maybe just as feminine as your drinks). 


hip - menswear - hipster  

Referring to themselves as a lifestyle retailer, this store is much more than just a shopping destination. Dedicated mostly to the hip shopper and the discerning traveller, items here are authentic, unique and limited edition so get them before they disappear! 

The Webster 

luxury - menswear - classy - hip 

Famous for its chic beachwear and designs dominated by fashion movements this beachfront store is a go-to for a ‘day to day cool’ style. Explore the 20,000 square foot luxury multi-brand location and you’ll come out ready for South Beach.  

Mimo Market.png


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