‘I’ve definitely forgotten something’. Yup, we’ve all been there so if you do happen to be that person who forgets your bathers when in Miami, or if you live in this wonderful haven and want something to spruce up your swimwear collection - we have carefully handpicked the best spots to do so.  

Beach Bunny  

local - womenswear - fashion  

A local stylish boutique for those with an eye for something sassy over refined. Designs here are fun and playful much like the atmosphere. They might skimp on materials but you’re still be buying good for your buck.  

Mulata Brazil 

hip - womenswear - fashion 

Of course, no one does swimwear better than the Latin American country that is Brazil, deriving from Sao Paulo, the swimwear here represents a classic Brazilian cut, ideal for those long tanning days.  


classy - menswear - womenswear 

If the man you’re travelling with happens to forget his swim shorts (it happens) then don’t worry, Miami stores have them in mind too. The styles evoke a classy country vibe, while you might also find smart linen shirts ideal for covering up over lunch.  

Karla Vivian  

luxury - womenswear 

For the upscale bikini wearer. Swimwear here is elegant and ideal for seasoned travellers, the styles are fun and the designs are full of imagination inspired by corners of Brazil. 

Ondade Mar 

easy going - womenswear - menswear 

Offering Swimwear for all kinds, Ondade’s designs are refined and on trend for men, women and even children. So if your child happens to have an accident with the suncream, a brand new bathing suit is right around the corner.

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