Not sure where to eat the best Risotto alla milanese or where local chefs like to enjoy their cotoletta? Well, you’re about to find out!  


La Pesa Trattoria dal 1902

Local - Business – trattoria - Italian 


 While this friendly Milanese trattoria serves Lombard dishes, the rest of Italy is also present!  Located a stone’s throw of the city centre, walls adorned with bottles of wine and historical paintings of Milan accompany their delicious dishes. Top tip: fried dumplings with salami or saffron-infused risotto is a must try. 


Enoteca Regionale Lombarda

Local - trattoria - Families - Italian  


The spotlight might be on the Risotto alla Milanese, but does wine poured directly from the wooden barrels sound exciting? Then don’t overlook this local dining hotspot. 


Al Garghet

Local- Families - trattoria - Rustic - Italian – Dinner  


Ever wondered how it would feel like being on the set of a vintage movie? Dine in the garden of this timeless jewel and feel like Sophia Loren. P.s. you can’t miss their cotoletta …it’s going to be the hugest you have ever seen, but we promise: you won’t have a hard time finishing it out! 


TrattoriaAntica della Pesa

Local - trattoria - Italian - Families 


Step into a time capsule and indulge in some of the best food in the city. This family-run restaurant has managed to keep the tradition alive since 1902 without ever compromising on elegance or quality. 


Trattoria Masuelli

Family run - trattoria - Italian -Local 


Just like nonna’s house, traditions run in the veins at this spot. Full of flavour, a local atmosphere and mouth-watering dishes. DATS gossip: apparently a frequented spot for Chef Cracco who claims it’s the best risotto in town!



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