You don’t have to be a regular night owl to enjoy the clubs, DJs and lounges that abound in Munich’s nightlife scene. With so many choices of late-night places to dance (and drink), it can quickly become overwhelming to pick out the best of the best. Luckily for you, we've spared you the stress of having to do so.​



hip  - lounge bar - outdoor seating


Don’t know what to do on those long summer nights? Come shake a leg at oldest yet most famous spots in town. Didn’t have time to eat? No problem. Pizza is on hand to the beat of electronic and pop music. Don’t forget to enjoy the outdoor seating area.


HEART Restaurant & Bar

hip - club - lively


This place is certainly the heart and soul of the city. International cuisine served in a sleek, urban restaurants meets lounge bar, accompanied by mainstream DJ’s and outdoor terrace.


Pacha Munchen

hip - live DJ - cool crowd


After work parties? Head to this elegant club hosting your favourite current DJs. A movable wall separates the two dance floors present, once the wall rises, dancers enter the catwalk and the party begins. Champagne or sparkling wines are the favourite drinks in this club.



hipster - club - local 


The club that offers rock music and concerts of all kinds. An alternative audience frequents this place for its underground feel.


Ksar Barclub

hip - elegant - cocktails


A fashionable cocktail bar accompanied by a selection of electronic music and cocktails. Comfortable leather chairs, lilac carpeting and softly-lit lamps enhance the club’s sophisticated atmosphere. Great place to have a fun evening with friends.



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