‘Of all the gin joints in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine’; just like the movie Casablanca, stumbling upon a great bar is a rarity to behold, and in Florence it’s that simple. Providing you know where to go, that is!


hip - bar - elegant 

A retro 50’s style cocktail lounge featuring vintage decor and a music playlist from yesteryear. Behind the bar you'll be sure to find nearly forgotten Italian sodas, vintage liqueurs, and classic prosecco-based cocktails. Bellini? 


Dolce Vita

traditional - bar- rustic

Centrally located this bar is popular amongst a mature crowd. Occasional live music events boost the already buzzing vibe at this locale. We are a fan of their mojito, and its cute outdoor seating!

dolce vita.jpg


hip - bar - lively

Who wouldn’t enjoy sipping on an array of spirits in a restored palace? Once belonging to Florence’s most prominent families, comes Locale. Today, it showcases a resident DJ, cocktails accompanied by chef-prepared appetizers, and a “welcome punch” - the alcoholic kind!


MayDay Club

hip - bar - cocktails

Chemistry and botany enthusiasts rejoice! Combining a mix of moody theatre lighting, and vintage radio technology relics make for a Dali-esque space. Bartenders create inventive cocktails with house-made infusions so be sure to ask for a recommendation!

Mayday club.jpg

Mad Souls & Spirits

easy going - bar - cocktails 

Not only famed for its uniquely named cocktails; such as ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ and ‘Soul Warmers’, but also its award-winning barmen. Not only talented but easy on the eye too. You’re welcome!

mad souls and spirits.jpg


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