Former mayor Klaus Wowereit dubbed Berlin as ‘poor but sexy’. This slogan seduced European artists from all over the world to the cool capital. Discover some of the very best Art Museums in this provocative and historical city.  

Urban Nation 

hipster - artsy - contemporary art  

 Graffiti, once just a rebellious mark on subway tunnels around the world, finds a permanent home on the inside and outside of this art museum. Street artists now have a legal space to showcase their work and legitimize their place on the art scene.  

Urban Nation.jpg

Sammlung Boros 

luxury -artsy - museum  

This space has transformed from bomb shelter to prison to banana showroom to S&M fetish club to exclusive art museum. While the space itself is a nest of intrigue, its art pieces also contribute to the history and allure of the site. 

Sammlung Boros.jpg

König Galerie 

hip - artsy - art gallery 

Want to rekindle your youth and relive the glory days? This art gallery, opened by 21-year-old Johann König, boasts some of the trendiest galleries hosted by charming, emerging and established artists from younger generations. 


Museum of Photography 

hip - artsy - museum  

This sensational space focuses on fashion and celebrity photography. Home to Helmut Newton’s iconic and titillating black and white images constantly featured in Vogue, this museum is a must-see for photography and art lovers. 

Museum of Photography.jpg

Hamburger Bahnhof 

artsy - museum - contemporary art

Originally, this building served as a railway station. Today it’s the city’s only historical train station left standing, housing an extensive collection of contemporary art. Don’t miss this museums dazzling array of exhibitions, education and events. 

Hamburger Bahnhof.jpg

Berlinische Galerie 

local - culture - modern art 

Located near Checkpoint Charlie and the Jewish Museum, there is culture at every corner in this modern art gallery. Its mission is to showcase art “made in Berlin”, with galleries like dada Berlin and Eastern European avant-garde. 

Berlinische Galerie.jpg


artsy - museum - contemporary art 

Named after the Kindl beer previously brewed on site, this space now holds an innovative and inspiring collection of contemporary art. It hasn’t lost sight of its roots just yet, there is still a cafe and beer garden on the premises. 



hip - artsy - art gallery 

Young artists are drawn to this vibrant area and its thriving art scene. This gallery, originating in Gerd Harry Lybke’s apartment, is known for its impressive architecture at its new venue. Network with innovators and let your imagination run wild in an atmosphere brimming with creativity.  



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