Emma Mattson on Stockholm


Emma Mattson is an inspiring fresh and young blogger from Sweden. She’s a super passionate yogi, which is why she tries to spend her free time practicing sun salutations and intricate poses (when she’s not hanging out with friends and family). She’s been a tireless globetrotter for the past 10 years, but always seems to find her way back to her favorite city, Stockholm. Read on for her insider guide on one of the most stylish cities in Northern Europe!



Riche The best place in town for people watching and good food. You’ll quickly become friends with the staff, who will spoil you with anything from amazing desserts to gossip! Anyone who's anyone is there… If you know what I mean!

SUPPER Sharing is caring. This place is for a fun dinner with many different cocktails and dishes all over the table. During the summer they move location to an open square in the middle of town where the sun shines all day! Shrimp tacos, ceviche, gambas… The list goes on and on! The staff will start to feel like they're family and will always welcome you with a big smile! 

Sensum This new restaurant is located just around the corner from my apartment. What you’ll find on your plate is inspired by French, Italian and Spanish cuisines and the menu is constantly changing. It's always a joy for your taste buds and their exceptional wines are a stairway to heaven. 


Himlen Där Till bar Want to enjoy a glass of bubbles and see the whole of Stockholm from above? This is your place!

Hallwylska Amazing drinks in a beautiful backyard of the Hallwylska Palace just can't go wrong. It’s just 100 meters from the Stureplan neighborhood but feels like you've been transported to Cote D'Azur. And the later it gets, the louder the music!

Haymarket In the middle of the food and flower market at the Hötorget square, lies this beautiful hotel which brings you back to the 1920s. They often have live jazz bands, singers and DJs that enhance the feeling of being transported back in time. Green velvet chairs, flamingos and bartenders in bow ties, need I say more?


Riche (The 'little bar') Next to the restaurant Riche, lies Riche's 'little bar' where you know there'll always be fun people, interesting music and one hell of a good vibe. 

Spy Bar Where you go if you're not ready to go home after Riche closes. This is where you can find your friends DJing and all of a sudden you are standing with a drink in each hand dancing your a** off until 5 in the morning!

Berns A beautiful venue that often host concerts with great DJs. 


Fotografiska My favourite museum! Here you’ll find amazing exhibitions ranging from the fashion world to wild nature. I'm always stunned when I come here and the location isn't too bad either!

Rosendals Gardens A beautiful spot on the Djurgården island with apple trees, cafes and wild roses. If you like gardening (or just beautiful things), you will love this spot. Green house after green house, flower shops and home made jams: an inspiration that will last a lifetime.


NK Where you can find everything! This old classic shopping mall was built in 1902 and was already back then the chicest place for shopping in Stockholm.

& Other Stories You can't go in without coming out with at least one shopping bag from this store. I just love it, so inspiring and fun. 

The market at Hötorget This is where I buy myself a lovely bouquet of pink peonies on sunny Fridays!


Nobis Hotel The absolute highest service you can get at a hotel. Amazing rooms (ask for a corner room) with large windows and bathrooms dripping in marble.

Haymarket I can't get enough of this hotel’s lovely 20s vibe. The rooms are decorated with photos of famous Swedish actresses from the early 1900s.

Lydmar This hotel makes you feel like you never even left your house (in a good way). The reception and restaurant are super cosy and the rooms are so inviting!

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